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Sherril Schwartz
CEO and Founder

Women everywhere are suffering this year in more ways than we can count. In the midst of a global pandemic, recession, and civil unrest, women continue to face the constant uphill battle of unrealistic expectations in every aspect of their lives. The weight of the world is on their shoulders, and they need help. That’s why Here Is What I Know’s CEO and Founder, Sherril Schwartz, is pivoting in a new way to bring intention, clarity, and light to women everywhere. 

Sherril is known to the world as a published blogger, writer, and women’s rights advocate, but what people may not know is that she’s highly equipped to offer women the tools to make major changes in their lives. She holds a Masters in Social Work and has years of experience in career counseling and trauma-informed practices to help women navigate everything from domestic violence and divorce to leadership skills and forgiveness.

But most importantly, Sherril stands out as a life coach and psychotherapist because of her own story. She had a husband who was brutally shot, a father that was a cocaine addict, has been the victim of sexual trauma, and was injured so badly that she was on the brink of never being able to walk again. She now can walk, completed her Masters in her 40s, and ran both a $25 million company for 10 years and owned several of her own businesses. Through it all, she has overcome extraordinary obstacles and is now working hard to help others do the same.  She approaches everything free of judgement and knows what it takes to make the important changes that allow women to feel free and full of confidence.


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