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Here Is What I Know was founded on the idea that women everywhere deserve to be heard. Our online magazine has offered countless women the ability to connect, collaborate, and come together, offering optimism, hope, and encouragement at a time when the world feels more overwhelming than ever. 

All of our contributing female writers have helped us grow a global audience, but we have so many more women to reach. We’re here to ask for your help to make sure Here Is What I Know can continue its mission of empowering women everywhere.

We’ve been able to achieve our scope by being a part of Words With Women (EIN: 852268281), a nonprofit with the mission of inspiring, empowering, motivating, and educating women through the power of words. 

Our magazine is honored to be one of their main initiatives, alongside an initiative to offer thousands of dollars in scholarships for women in the fields of STEM, journalism, and health sciences, and an initiative that sponsors mentorships for young women across the country. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of women, and we know that by lifting up women everywhere, we can meaningfully change the world. 

Will you pitch in and help us continue the important work we’ve set out to do? By contributing to Words With Women, you’d be playing a significant part in advancing women’s access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities and helping ensure our future is equitable for all. 

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