Why I’m Dreading Going Back to College


This week contains an event I’ve been looking forward to since March: I’m moving back to college.

I left my college for spring break fully expecting to return in a week. After I flew a thousand miles home, I received an email from our Chancellor telling us not to return to campus until further notice.

Five months later, and I am finally moving back.

Here are five worries that are heavy on my mind as I move “home”.

Will my parents be ok?

My parents are very worried about me going back; if they had their way, I would stay with them until this pandemic was over (or even a bit longer). Like lots of parents, they prefer to have me under their nose so they can monitor every sneeze and cough. I hope they will be okay not knowing my every move, and will not spend days stressing about my health.

What happens if my parents aren’t okay?

If (God forbid) my parents did contract Coronavirus, I would crumble. I would be so far away from them. I would be plagued with fear for their health and with guilt for not being by their side.

If anything did happen, I would want to be there.

Am I wasting money?

I’m moving back to college even though there is no clear plan for education in the fall. I am signing a lease for an apartment. Unlike when I was living with my parents, I will now be paying for my own rent, utilities, and groceries.

That is a big financial investment for a 19-year-old who doesn’t even know if she can attend school.

Are my peers going to make good choices?

All my friends have been apart for several months, and we are absolutely aching to see each other again. All of us will be frantic to reconnect and that energy doesn’t always lead to good social distancing practices.

Will I have the willpower to make good choices?

I try to be a good person: I wear my mask, I wash my hands, I avoid big get-togethers. But my biggest weakness is my friends, so I spend a lot of time wondering if I will say “no” when friends ask me out to do something social? Will I say “no” if a friend tries to hug me? Will I say “no” if a friend invites me inside their house?

I would like to think I’d be able to refuse all these things; but, considering social pressures, I’m not completely sure.

College Kids– I know you miss your friends. I know you’re feeling a lot of fear, anger, and frustration about our current situation. Those emotions are valid, but they are not an excuse for unsafe behavior. Let’s make it easier for all of us and promote good-decision making among the student body.


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