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Making the Leap: Starting a Business You Love is Worth the Risk


In October 2019, I started my business.  It was scary and bold and energizing and new. But I leapt forward and don’t regret it for a minute.

I had spent 15 years working for the nonprofit Bpeace. I loved the mission, the people, the work, and the flexibility it allowed in my schedule as a mom to one, then two, then three children. I had an enviable lifestyle, a great career; I loved what I did and what I learned.

But then I was eager to move on. What to do next? I decided to make my very part-time side hustle of residential decluttering and organizing my focus. And, so, Clutter Kicker was born.

Here’s how I did it….and I hope these words just might inspire you to take your side hustle to the next level too:

  1. Support. I had the support of my family. My 14-year-old told me that he was proud of me.
  2. Timing. The timing was right. Bpeace knew I had toyed with the idea of leaving, though I could never quite let it go until I did.  I was running out of excuses to get out of my comfort zone, but my kids were getting older and I was finally ready.
  3. Accountability. My neighbor gave me a deadline by which I had to give notice. I am a woman of my word and now someone outside of my family not only knew, but set a firm date for me to follow. I gave over four months of notice, a win-win for Bpeace and me.
  4. Good Fortune. I have always worked, but I am not the primary breadwinner in my family. I had the luxury of taking my time to build my business.
  5. Passion. My side hustle brought me joy. I absolutely love going into other people’s homes and helping them declutter their space to make it work better for them. I love giving them control, making them happier, and providing the tools to sustain their newly organized areas. Although I was scared – Could I find more clients? Promote myself? Be successful? – I knew I could do it because I enjoy it so much.

I have been blessed with Clutter Kicker. Business was starting to pick up with new inquiries and clients…and then mid-March hit. And Clutter Kicker screeched to a halt.  But, wow, am I keeping busy! I have no regrets and will be raring to go when it’s safe to do so.

What’s your (secret) passion project? What’s holding you back? Are you too comfortable to move on or might you be ready to take a leap and reach a new goal?

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  1. Hooray Lauren …being a woman of your word is all we have aside from the fact that you are a smart caring mom, a devoted wife and have a passion to go on and on and on… not only be empowered by your passion but to also empower others who might be afraid to take that first step. JHSMEL

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