Up Your Work From Home Style Game with These 7 Tips


Now that we’re months into our work from home routines, I think most of us have adjusted our wardrobes accordingly. Underwear is being ignored, pants forgotten (even on TV news(!) and have any of us looked at a suit or slacks in months!? I didn’t think so! 

Although things may be stress-inducing all around us, it seems like our wardrobes, and our work-wear in particular, has never been more relaxed. 

1. Sweaters Make Awesome PJ Disguises

I’ve heard the advice that getting out of your pajamas each day can actually make you more productive. I’m also supportive of the idea that just staying in them can have the same effect! Here’s a few of my favorite ways to balance that work-at-home / stay-at-home life look. 

Sweaters that are super soft can be thrown on in a matter of seconds for the unexpected Zoom call, without giving up any comfort. These are perfect for those folks that love to catch you at your most casual. You know the colleagues, making full use of that Zoom business account who will always choose a video chat over a text convo. For those times when you’re caught off guard, I like to have a big fluffy sweater nearby, like Zara’s Limited edition cable knit sweater ($69.90) or TopShop IDOL Blue Pretty Pointelle Sweater ($55)  So no matter what’s underneath…boom: instant cover-up office-ready look!

2. One Dress for Outside and In

If you could only make one purchase this summer, let it be an airy and breezy billowy dress that makes the hot humid days slightly more bearable. Sleeper’s Brigette Linen Maxi Dress ($290) is the perfect investment piece. Polished enough for your work routine, but still ready to hit those socially-distant beaches. 

3. Athleisure FTW 

Let’s take full advantage of this option for as long as we can, after all, when might be the next chance we get to wear a tie dye sweatpants set on a work day? Seriously though, some of the athleisure outfits currently out have the chicest, polished looks that over webcam totally look high-end and professional (nobody needs to know about the elastic waists and stretch pants). SUNDRY’s Pleat Sleeve Hoodie ($174) and complementary joggers are quintessential quarantine wear.

4. Accessorize Those T-Shirt Video Conferences

Nothing says “I didn’t sleep in this t-shirt” like a chunky gold chain. Who of us hasn’t managed to pull off that sleep-followed-immediately-by-virtual-meeting look during the shutdown? It’s okay! There are far greater things to think about right now, so don’t be so hard on yourself! It might not seem like it would make a huge difference, but putting on that fabulous piece of jewelry that makes you feel extra-special can be a real mood boost. Not to mention, it’ll totally give you that polished impression that will make your colleagues think you’re still dressing for the office (yeah, right!) H&M’s Chunky Short Necklace ($17.99) is a versatile bargain.

5. Backgrounds Make Awesome Backdrops

On video chat your style isn’t just your attire, your background speaks volume even when you’re doing all the talking. I’ve become mildly obsessed with celebrity backgrounds because it gives a rare taste of somewhat how our favorite stars live. You’re also giving your colleagues the same experience with every zoom call. So home accessorize appropriately. The easiest ways to elevate your desk style? A colorful faux plant, some metal baskets that’ll provide the bling and a few candles to soften the mood. And if you’re not in love with your office chair, a fluffy blanket tossed over the back should do just the trick. 

6. Save Your Eyes…Stylishly

Blue Light Glasses have been a revelation to many over the last few months of constant screen-time. These glasses filter out the damaging light from computer and mobile screens, which can cause eye fatigue. They also give you a great opportunity to accessorize with glasses, even if you’re not an eyeglass wearer. The Book Club has some of the cutest styles and with a name like The Fart of the Eel ($60) how could you possibly say no? And for SUPER tired eyes, it doesn’t get better than an Eye Massager ($109.99). Yes, you read that right, it’s got to be seen to be believed. 

7. The Power Slipper

If you haven’t already invested in an awesome pair of slippers, don’t wait any longer. You owe your feet the cuddles. I’m telling you, slipping on some pink and gold unicorn slippers with the big foam bottoms, makes me feel like I can tackle any task on my Trello to-do. In fact, I want to see everyone’s work from home footwear. I am sure there is some significant awesomeness hiding at the floor of that home office of yours.

My pick: Amazon HALLUCI Women’s Unicorn The Knight Style Cozy Fleece Memory Foam ($18.99). If the summer heat is making you not want to look at anything warm and cozy for your feet, might we suggest some gel-infused flip flops. These Under Armour sandals ($27.99) provide all the comfort and support of your favorite slipper while still letting your toes chill out. 

What’s your best work from home style? Let’s see those pics, tag us on Facebook and share your best looks for fabulously working from home.


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