DIY: Never Give Up on Your Hair


At-Home Solutions to Your Bad Hair Vibes that Won’t Make Your Stylist Cry


Every stylist I’ve talked to over the past few weeks has given me the same advice: “Don’t try to bleach your hair yourself! Leave it alone!” But that’s just me, I have super dark roots and platinum hair. I generally move into my stylist’s chair for the better part of the day when I get my hair done. There’s a process then another, then toner, then conditioner, it’s a whole bit. So for now, I’m trying to embrace my roots and go with them. I see them as a badge of honor that I didn’t break any state mandates or put anyone at risk for my vanity (I’ll admit the thought only crossed my mind in a panic during COVID quarantine week #1).

I’m digging the roots. I might not keep them, but they’re definitely a sign of the times and a sign that even with my hair a hot mess, not much really has changed. People still love me, people still care. I haven’t pushed away anyone with my dark colored roots and there’s something to be said for that revelation. We are more than our hair color ladies!

That doesn’t mean I won’t go silver platinum as soon as I can. I want to support my stylist and I want to have fun and enjoy my hair the way I like it. But it should be an act that brings me joy just as my roots do, not something I need to fix to feel better or whole again. At least that’s what I’m working on getting it to be. #workinprogress

There’s no doubt taking care of our hair can make us feel better, more refreshed and more attractive. When we’re lounging in pj’s all day, it’s easy to forget to even wash it, but doing some self-care hair care can be a great way to lift your mood and get you feeling renewed  Here’s some ways that won’t damage your hair while you wait for your salon to re-open.


Deep Conditioners

You don’t need to buy fancy, expensive conditioners to get a healthy dose of moisture for your hair. Simple kitchen ingredients can do the trick. Honey, eggs, olive oil, banana and avocado all make wonderful healthy treatments for your hair. A cold water blast after a moisturizing treatment can lock in some of those good ingredients and give your hair added shine. 



Sometimes dull hair can be caused by product build-up. Before you moisturize you might try a clarifying shampoo to pull out some of the build-up. Also for blonds looking to add some brightness skip the purple shampoo that you love for stopping brassiness and switch to a cleansing wash that brightens. The purple tones can sometimes leave your hair dull if used too frequently on their own. Look for all natural products that brighten like Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brightener


Get Away Gray

If you’re looking to cover gray that stands out with dark hair, you’re in luck. It’s far easier to add darker color to lighter hair than the other way around. There’re many options of root touchup that won’t harm your hair and many are semi-permanent so there’s no major risk. DpHue is a brand gaining an immense online following during the COVID quarantine for its line of color protecting that also offers a hugely popular root touch-up kit. Also be sure to check out Madison Reed’s subscription hair color which boasts a lot of benefits including being free ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates and gluten, while also being cruelty-free.



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