Goodbye Quarantine Hair, Hello eSalon


If you’ve seen my hair lately, you would understand why I’ve been researching home hair color options! Between my massive dark roots against blond hair that’s turning brassy, there’s the lovely smattering of grays…or “quarantine silver” as I like to call it. Why do gray hairs refuse to behave like normal hairs? They’re hairs gone mad and in desperate need of some major retouching. But now I’ve found eSalon and I’m pretty stoked.

eSalon Makes Home Hair Color Easy AND Amazing

eSalon is basically a custom hair color kit that comes straight to your door with all the instructions designed for your personal hair color. So, let’s get into the details of what makes it unique.

First off, eSalon makes it easy to color your hair at home and get salon quality color with three easy steps.

Step 1: You create a custom profile

This is the really cool part because you get to explain your unique hair story, and tell the expert colorists exactly what color you’re looking to achieve. You can even add a photo, so they can see what you have going on up there, which will further help them as they craft your hue.

Step 2: eSalon’s color experts craft your custom color

Once your profile is complete, the experts get to crafting your special custom blend made just for you. And they take into account things like your hair features, skin tone, your hair type -those details that no store-bought color can compete with.

Step 3: Your custom hair color gets delivered right to your door

You get personalized instructions to walk you through every step of the process. This is huge to me, because I’ve literally never colored my hair at home in my life and I need all the help I can get. Speaking of extra help, you get access to a colorist with your order so you can reach out with any questions.

Here’s what you get inside your cute little personalized hair color shipment:

  • Your Custom Color
  • Developer & 2 pairs of Non-Latex Gloves 
  • First Order Gift: Tint Brush for Professional Application
  • Classic Shampoo & Conditioner Packets
  • Stain Guard & Stain Remover
  • Personalized Instructions
  • Access to a Personal Colorist

And, the reviews are AWESOME!

eSalon is a five-time Allure award winner, voted “Best Home Hair Color” by Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards. That’s pretty impressive right there, but they also have a really good user rating (4.2 OUT OF 5 stars and over 70,000 reviews). Reading some of them definitely gave me confidence – there’s some amazing before and after photos and women really felt good about the ingredients used, the instructions they received, and, most importantly, how the color came out! Grays were, of course, a big topic on everyone’s mind and the coverage they reported really grabbed me. If a color kit can handle that, it can pretty much handle anything. 

Let’s talk about the price. For a one-time purchase, a color kit is $27. Or you can buy a subscription for $22.  I don’t know about you, but the last time I went to the hair salon, my color came out to over $200 plus a 20% tip. So this is a significant bargain for salon-quality color. And right now, eSalon is offering FREE SHIPPING!

Since a lot of us are trying to minimize our trips out and about, eSalon is an easy alternative if you’re not ready to go back to the salon yet and you’re tired of roots, grays, and faded color. 

eSalon isn’t just for pandemic hair

What makes eSalon really special is that it doesn’t need to be a quick quarantine fix. Thanks to their expert custom color formulas, this can be your new color solution. No more commutes to the salon, waiting your turn, spending HOURS in the salon chair (now in a mask, I might add!). And no more needing to make another appointment when your roots inevitably rear their ugly head again.

We’ve all had our defining moments thanks to the pandemic. Hair coloring might be another way we find to declutter, simplify, and spend more time enjoying life

Oh and not only do they do hair color, but you can also get highlights at home – balayage AT HOME!! And toner too, all the little steps that go into that perfect fresh from the salon look. 

So check out eSalon and tell us what you think! Better yet, send us a before and after photo. We’d love to share your custom color success! 

And check out this clip, I love the message — NEVER feel bad for covering your grays! LOVE THIS!!

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