I Have a Serious Problem: Shoes


Ok, it’s confession time.

Some time ago, I had an insecurity about two BIG parts of my body that are not only aesthetically unpleasing to the eyes but made shopping more costly. What could have been THAT bad, causing me to sport flip flops through my entire phase of uncertainty and self-hate?

I struggled with BIG feet syndrome — if there is such a thing. You see, I have BIG feet. Standing at 5’10”, I can barely squeeze into size 10 shoes for some brands. I know some of you may be thinking, oh, that’s not so bad. But before you roll your eyes – most of you probably have no problems finding a super cute pair of heels to match that sexy Lil Black Dress. Me on the other hand – I would be lucky to find a lovely home for these toes at the local Goodwill. If I’m fortunate, some bigfoot goddess may have been feeling generous enough to donate her sexy pumps for a good cause. And a great cause it is — I have found some adorable shoes for my BIG feet at thrift stores.

Yet, I know some women feel my pain, like, for example, those sporting size 11, 12, 13, and even size 14 shoes. I have heard ladies express frustration about their feet not matching their body type. Thankfully, I’m a taller gal, but I feel for my sisters who suffer from similar insecurities. But what can we do? Cutting our feet off to fit into a size 7 — even if they’re the cutest shoes in the world — it’s not an option! So what is then?

For starters, I learned that my approach was all wrong. Instead of obsessing over what I DIDN’T have, it was time for me to be grateful for what I DID have. A will to BE and DO all things creative.

Finally, as a forty-something hottie, I started to embrace ALL of me. It was time to love the skin I’m in. And this included every large and small part of my body that makes me who I am. Better late than never!

And I know that I’m not alone. Are you 5’4 and a size 11? No worries! You are wonderfully and perfectly who you are supposed to be. But I get it — you still want to feel like a soft and gentle woman because there’s just something sexy about a pair of red bottoms and matching lipstick. That’s the point I want to make. If shoes make you feel irresistible, that’s okay – do you boo. It’s about finding what brings out the inner goddess in you.

So how do my fellow big feet sisters accomplish this? You find the perfect shoes in your size and prance around in them proudly, like they’re going out of style. You may say your local shopping places don’t carry your shoe size or taste – don’t let that stop you! We live in an age where you can order your dream shoes with the click of a button. Super cool, right? I know it can be a bit intimidating at first, but give it a try. It helps to read online reviews so you can find which brands run too small or too large. In no time, you will find the perfect online stores that will become your go-to spots — places like eBay, Macy’s, Shoedazzle, Longtallsally, to name a few.

But what if you don’t have time to order something online and need your shoes like right now? Walk into these budget-friendly shops I found that cater to us long-toed ladies:


If you have a little time on your hands and a dose of patience, then give this place a shot. I have found some dazzling shoes here for beautiful bigfoots, but you’ll have to sift through all of the nonapplicable cute shoes first, you know – the size 6-9’s.


Don’t forsake your humble beginnings. Rainbow is a budget-friendly store that carries various styles – it’s not high-end shopping. But you can find some decent flats and sandals here in larger sizes. Their shoes are not the best quality, but it’s great for last-minute shopping.


Just like the name suggests, you will pay less money if you take a few minutes to poke around here. You never know – you may find something in stock that appeals to your inner flirt, even in a size 12.


I have found some cute boots in my size here. You may find there are fewer options after size 11 and the styles vary by store.

Whether you have big or small paws, a big or small budget, your attitude about what you have and don’t have is priceless. There’s another woman out there who will take your size 12 feet and rock them like she’s on a catwalk. Remember, there’s only one YOU. And THAT in and of itself is worth doing your happy dance for — naked — wearing only your sexiest and most giant shoes with a flirtatious smile on your face, because you’re an original.


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