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6 Fashion Un-Trends for Spring 2020


I was reading a work from home style article the other night which made me blow the cereal I was eating out my nose. The author suggested an over-sized double breasted tweed blazer would be great for a relaxed WFH (work from home) look, perfect for zoom calls! A. Tweed Blazer. In the house. For a video call. Heck, I just listened to an interview with Tim Gunn where he proudly stated he’s presently in pajama pants and t-shirts at home, and loving it. If it’s good enough for Mr. Project Runway, I think our bosses can handle us sans blazer in the middle of quarantine.

This whole shutdown has put a crimp in any spring clothing shopping motivation I might’ve had. Not surprisingly, retail clothing sales are down. After all, most of us usually buy clothes with occasions in mind, like, “I could totally rock this dress for a brunch date outside. Add to cart.” Or “Two wedding showers and a gender reveal next month, better order a few new dresses.” Now though, it’s sort of ambiguous, like do I need to buy any clothes for a while? Honestly, if I do, it’s probably going to involve elastic. But some fashion editorials are still churning out unrealistic advice that’s not only irrelevant, but sets us up to think we have to live by some extreme standard while we struggle with job security, health security, and everything else. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and totally wouldn’t ever say it’s not an important part of life’s little joys. I don’t want to marginalize the art form it can be or the inspiration and ego-boost it can give us. But the best fashion to me connects to our lives and enhances it. In other words, fashion should work for us, make us feel good, not the other way around. We shouldn’t look to  a brand in order to obtain status. I don’t want to read about the eight trends I need right now and feel the pressure to overspend on pieces that don’t serve me.  I’m simply not having it this season while I stay comfy at home. So, here’s my list of nopes for this season, plus some major yesses to give you that little pick-me-up of investing in something new. 

Nope to the $300 white t-shirts.

I’m seeing fashion blogs recommend these shirts. I’m sure they’re super soft, but you know what else is? A $15 dollar white t-shirt. If you wanna splurge on a classic for under $50, Madewell’s Baby Tee’s modal construction is worth the investment.

Nope to high-heeled sandals.

There’s a reason they’re called sandals and that’s to go in the sand, in other words to be chill AF. For truly relaxed vibes Birkenstock and Teva will see you through to winter in one shoe.  

Nope to bras as outerwear.

This seems like a great idea on paper and a 90’s reboot, but the minute I have a girlfriend over for a social distancing picnic, I know I’m gonna get a look that says, “Did you forget what order to put on your top and underwear?” Also, if I’m not wearing a bra for 90% of my life at this moment, I’m certainly not going to decide to wear one on the outside instead. Trust me, Walmart isn’t ready for that. Instead, try out the ultra comfy no-underwire bras for under your outfits (or on top if you want!) 

Nope to sweatsuits for Spring.

Okay, I know it’s been chilly here on the East Coast, but investing in new full-on sweatshirts and sweatpants right now is going to leave you sweaty. Just think of that fleece

lining surrounding you. Get back to me in October and I’ll be so ready to chill in some Hanes.  Instead, invest in a new PJ short set.

Nope to suiting at home.

I’ve been obsessed with the suiting trend for months now. And it’s still going strong. But really, staying at home all day has left all those pants suits collecting dust. I can’t tell when I’ll feel the urge to put on a blazer again, maybe come the fall. But in the meantime,  Bermuda shorts that are being paired often with suits definitely can still fit into our new normal. They’re cute enough to go outside in and comfy and cool for lounging at home. 

Nope to summer leather.

Just those words make me hear the sound of sweaty legs sticking to plastic slipcovers. Leather is luxurious and all those leather blazers, shorts and long skirts are so sleek and beautiful. But get back to me in September. Until then I’ll go for the breathable, comfy fabrics. Take instead the crochet designs that are so on trend. It doesn’t get much more breathable than knits that literally have holes in them. Pretty and feminine, they’ll add a little fancy to your life even if it’s pizza night on the couch. 


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