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6 Unexpectedly Cheap Indulgences for Time at Home


I don’t know about you, but with not having much going on these days, little things have started to really matter. Awaiting a special delivery has sometimes been a much needed anticipated event for the whole family. I try to space online orders out now so we can look forward to things a little at a time. It’s beautiful to get something delivered to your door that’s just for you.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a ton of cash to experience some in-home luxury; it just takes a little online searching and imagination. Here’s a few inexpensive ways to spoil yourself while you’re home: 

Super Soft Spring Blanket

It’s spring! Have you put away your big comforter yet? If so, you need a spring blanket, something woven and super, super soft. There’s nothing like the feeling of a thin blanket clinging to you. It’s the opposite of the puffy cocooning of a winter comforter and serves as a cozy way to mark the changing season.  Luxor Linens offers one of the softest options – it’s also biodegradable and ethically sourced (all for around $100). 

Satin Pillowcases

I’m not sure why no one told me about the benefits of satin pillowcases until I got to my 30’s. Seriously, they’re amazing. Not only are they supposed to be more gentle on your hair and face than regular pillowcases,  but you’ll never need to wake up in the middle of the night to flip your pillow over to the “cool side” (you’ll always be there!). These pillowcases have been touted as having anti-aging benefits, especially for side sleepers, as it cuts down on facial folds. Hair is said to be less frizzy and they can even reduce acne breakouts. They do take a little bit of time to adjust to because they are a bit slippery. But once you do, you won’t ever want to go back. The best part is you can get a pair easily for under $10. 

Natural Wheat Body Pillow Bags

I love the heat pillows that are infused with essential oils like lavender; it makes it that much more soothing. Did you know applied heat can have many beneficial effects, such as increased blood flow and healing properties? Microwavable body pillows are available, filled with flaxseed or wheat (you can even make your own!). A few seconds in the microwave provides long lasting warmth and relaxation for under $30

Salt Lamp 2.0 

Salt lamps aren’t new inventions; they’ve been filling up Bed Bath and Beyond for years now. But some have additional functions, like the Massage Ball Salt Lamp ($40). It comes with a set of salt balls that heat up with the lamp and can be removed and rolled over sore muscles. My favorite part of these is placing some on my tired feet and in my hands. It’s so soothing and doesn’t require any added work to heat up (beyond turning on the light).

Velvet Hangers  

There’s no need to stay stuck with a mish-mash of store hangers, wooden and wire. Add a little Marie Kundo to your closet and experience the sense of peace that comes from uniform hangers. Trust me, I would’ve doubted this too, especially since they are behind a closed door. But I can’t tell you what a soothing feeling it is to open up a closet and see uniformity and peace. Not to mention that velvet hangers are so much more versatile and allow you to hang spaghetti straps (cut those hanger straps off your dresses!); they even save space by taking up less room. For around $30, you can get a set of 50 – it’s a super budget-friendly way to transform your closet. 

S’mores Snuggles

What’s more luxurious than homemade s’mores……without the smoke? Amiright? The Microwave S’mores Maker combines cute with convenience and allows you to just pop your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows into the microwave; it’s s’mores on demand, no campfire required. At only $15, it’s the perfect surprise to send to someone as a little pick-me-up gift. 


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