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How to Up Your Mask Game; Be Fashionable, Creative, and Support Women in Business!


Welp, it’s looking like face masks are going to be with us for the foreseeable future. And that means it’s time to get creative with our choices! Who wants to be caught missing one when they need to go into a public place? With that in mind, this is one accessory you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in.

I only recently realized I’d been sporting the same N95 contractor’s mask since the start of this crazy pandemic. After several months, it was definitely time for a little bit of a style upgrade. The good news? There are so many options for fun and fashionable alternatives to that boring old blue surgical mask we all are seeing hundreds of times each day. C’mon people, we can do better than that. 

Sure, you could go the usual fast fashion route. National brands have been jumping on the “trend” and churning out stylish alternatives. But there’s a much better option! Take this opportunity to show your support for small women-owned businesses! Some are struggling because they’ve had to close and pivot into face mask production. Others are just starting their businesses amidst the pandemic. Here are some of our favorites.

Silver Lining Scrubs

These masks are Etsy bestsellers for a reason. Made in both adult and kid sizes (with cute and fun prints to match), these 100% cotton face masks are super comfy and come in neutral but still chic colors.They’re fully adjustable and even have a pocket inside for a filter. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a mask that’s both practical and not too flashy.

Hella Essential Face Masks

Hella Essential is an off-shoot effort of San Jose-based tanning salon, Bronzed Humanity. To keep their small business alive during corona the ladies at Bronzed decided to start selling masks, which quickly gained popularity. There’s no doubt that Hella Essential are deserving of the title “Best Face Covers in the SF Bay Area.” These eco-friendly masks, made of comfortable, stretchy fabric in funky tie-dye prints, have plenty of character. Plus, there are bonus goodies that come with an order of two! These include a water bottle sticker, a sewing kit, a surprise patch and more. To top it all off, Hella also offers some hilariously awesome “Not Today Corona!” t-shirts and tanks in the same eye-catching colors as their masks, in case you feel like matching.

Vie Healing

These stunning masks look so sleek that they could easily be mistaken for just a fashion statement, coming in a variety of prints from camo to a cool pastel geometric pattern. Based in West Hollywood, California,Vie Healing’s masks perfectly align with the graceful, fashion-forward brand they’ve established with their spa. With a mask from Vie, you don’t even have to worry about the hassle of losing or misplacing your mask ever again, as you have the option to add in a cute little matching travel pouch with your order.

Tiny Tots Togs

Based in Scotland,Tiny Tots Togs is a mother-daughter team focused on making children’s clothes that are both cute and sustainable, using high quality fabric for their headbands and clothes. Recently they added face masks to their repertoire. Coming in a variety of cute and stylish prints, their masks are made for both adults and kids alike and have the option of being bundled with a matching headband. Not only that, but their headbands have buttons added on that attach to the face mask to help take some pressure off our tired ears. 

Vik VarWoo’s Studio V

Vik VarWoo started her business creating custom, made-to-order apparel and accessories with what she’s accurately dubbed Sophistifunk Originality. This unique philosophy definitely carries over to her endeavor into the face mask business. Her masks come in some truly spectacular prints and are decked out with all the essentials — comfy elastic that sits on the back of your head instead of your ears, a nose wire, and even a filter & filter pocket option. Vik also offers custom orders for face masks, making Studio V an awesome choice for businesses and teams.

Lumisa Design

Something uniquely cool about the custom gift shop Lumisa Design is that all the art and designs you see on the site are the artist’s own creation — no cheesy clip art here! From cute animals to fruit, Lumisa Design offers all kinds of different patterns and prints to add a pop of fun to wearing a mask. The leopard print face mask is truly a must-have in the f.m. rotation. For every mask sold, Lumisa also donates a portion of the proceeds to the Heart to Heart Foundation, which is a great little bonus.

Innori’s Hub

Innori’s Hub offers masks that are a true triple threat: organic, comfortable and pretty! These masks are ones you can really feel good about, being handmade from 100% sustainably grown cotton and having non-woven fabric filters inside. 

Hello Handmade Things

Larry David, Golden Girls and Dolly Parton face masks — need I say more? Owner Terry Lynn Gibson has an array of whimsical prints to suit any personality. So, if Blanche Dubois isn’t your speed (we won’t judge) there’s mushroom, robot and cassette tape prints to cover your face as well.

YSwim Boutique

YSwim Boutique is a woman-owned business based in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The brand’s ultimate mission is to help us all feel more confident and comfortable in swimwear. With COVID-19, they’ve expanded their mission to include being a face mask supplier. Using remnant pieces from their swimsuit manufacturing, YSwim creates unique face masks that help to cut down on textile waste. 

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  1. Nice article about the face mask. Regardless of the situation and circumstances, we all need to wear mask. Ideally the disposable one but if they are not available then cloth mask. Something is better than nothing. If we have to get a handle on this pandemic then we all will have to work together and wear mask, doesn’t matter where we are and what we are doing.
    G Singh

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