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7 Beauty Subscription Box Options to Anxiously Await


You’ve seen the beauty subscription box ads, you’ve seen the unboxing videos, but which ones are the most fun to receive? Let’s be real, who doesn’t love getting a new package in the mail?

During the stay-at-home order, the Amazon driver was one of my few encounters with outside humans. Just seeing that glorious brown cardboard sitting by the door felt like my birthday came twice this year (without the additional aging). But…I soon realized that curing my at-home boredom with online orders would quickly turn disastrous for my budget.

There is an easy way to satisfy your home delivery craving without random online spending sprees. Subscription boxes have been a growing trend over the last five years. Now, with all of us spending less time physically browsing in stores and more time getting items delivered to our homes, they’re downright essential.

There’s definitely no shortage of beauty subscription box options. You’ll find they run the gamut in price and size, from offering full-size versions of luxury products to simply giving tiny samples of drug-store beauty items. Here’s just a few of our favorites.

Big & Beautiful Beauty Subscription Box

One of the most popular beauty subscription box choices, FabFitFun brings the beauty in a very big box. Don’t look for samples here – instead, you’ll find seven to eight full-sized products, which you can customize. Choose from a lifestyle box or one custom-designed for your skincare needs. $49.95 per quarter,FabFitFun.

Biggest Bargain

At $5 per quarter, surprises in the mail don’t come much cheaper than Walmart’s beauty box. Filled with samples of skin, makeup and toiletry products, you’ll easily find the full-sized versions at the big box retailer. Spotlighting budget-friendly brands makes this box equally protective of your beauty budget. At $20 a year, it’s just the right way to dip your toes into the subscription box craze without a big commitment. $5 per season,Walmart.

Most Inclusive Beauty Subscription Box

COCOTIQUE is fabulously designed for the hair and skin care needs of women of color. While the brand is focused on nourishing skin and hair care products, the beauty subscription box is all about positive vibes and spreading empowerment…and full-sized samples! $25 per box,COCOTIQUE.

Easiest Decision

At $7 a box, it’s not a hard choice to subscribe to Target’s beauty box. Known for their elevated beauty department, get all the fun of strolling in Target delivered to your door. Each box includes samples of new and popular products you can test out before you buy full-size. $7 per quarter,Target.

Industry Favorite

Founded by Cassandra McClure, host of the Clean Beauty Podcast and health advocate in the beauty scene, Clean Beauty Kits sell in multi-box bundles. Focusing on “Clean” ingredients, which have to meet extremely high standards, the box also highlights women-owned, ethically sourced, American-made products. The products are selected with beauty professionals in mind, so expect super-high performing results.  $43-49.99 per box,Clean Beauty Kit.

Animal-Friendly Subscription Box

There is a slew of vegan and cruelty-free beauty boxes out there, but, to many, Kinder is the industry standard. They offer big value – stuffing over $70-worth (retail) of products in each of their boxes, plus two full-size offerings. In each box you’ll find hair care, skin care and make-up products, all with eco-friendly boxing. $23-25 per box, Kinder.

Most Relaxing Face Masks in a Box

Remember when the term “face mask” conjured up thoughts of self-care nights in bed with a collagen-infused sheet on your face? Bring back those days with this K-beauty favorite. A great way to remind yourself to take some “me-time”, each box includes at least five specialty sheets. Choose from a lux option with plenty of other products or a budget-friendly sheets box that includes one or two bonus products. $19.90-49.95,Facetory.



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