How I Ate My Way to Glowing Skin. Yeah, Really.


Now, I don’t want to sound dramatic. But if my skin is lacking glow, I start considering a doctor’s visit.

There’s one thing that’s kept me (moderately) sane during quarantine, and that’s my skin ritual. There’s just something so soothing about repetitively layering products onto my skin. However, when I caught myself slipping with my dietary habits, my skincare routine could only help me to a small degree.

A Lazy Girl’s Diet-Fix.

I’ll admit it: I don’t like to cook. Hence my recent DoorDash affinity. However, I’m a firm believer in skincare, so I know I must follow suit with what I eat. Luckily, with some nutrition courses under my belt, I know how to. It’s just that Pad Thai gets me weak sometimes. But at the first warning signal (a big, red breakout on my chin), I gave my habit a big no-no and drove myself to the store for my glow-reviving food spree.

I started with my favorite skin ingredient: Collagen.

Now, you can do a lot with collagen. It comes in many forms – from isolated powder to protein powders, and even tea drinks now – it’s not hard to add to your diet. Collagen quite literally creates youth in our complexion. It keeps the skin plump and hydrated, and prevents premature sagging; I’m all for it. I opted for Bulletproof’s Collagen protein bars because they’re super convenient, and the flavors are to die for. If you’re vegan, you’re in luck: collagen-mimicking peptides can be found in quinoa, pea protein and mushrooms.

Fresh Squeezin’.

It’s in at least five of my skincare products, and it better be in my diet too: Vitamin C and collagen actually go hand-in-hand. Vitamin C is needed to create collagen, and to absorb and transport nutrients. It also helps to offset stress, and who wouldn’t be happy eating an orange?

For variety’s sake, and because who knows how I would bounce off of the walls after consuming a basket of oranges in one sitting, I went with fresh peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi and papaya. The veggies are super easy to throw into stir-fries or pair with a simple hummus dip, and the fiber from some hummus or guac is a major plus when you’re trying to achieve a glow. Fats, especially Omega-3’s, are a staple for a healthy skin barrier and for preventing irritating skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

BONUS: Papaya is your skin’s BFF. It’s rich with digestive enzymes – it helps balance your gut, clearing your skin from the inside out. It also contains natural exfoliants (papain), which can be found in botanical skincare products, and will clear away small bumps. I’ve used the skin from the fruit as a DIY face mask – rubbing it on my skin and rinsing after 20 minutes. Thank you, nature.

I’m a firm believer in baby steps when it comes to looking after your skin. Just as I would add only one product into my routine at a time, I made only one small change to what I was eating each week. It’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet to begin with, but drastic changes may cause your skin to freak out.

You don’t have to completely cut your favorite comfort foods from your life to achieve glowing skin either. Consuming them in moderation, and ensuring you’re getting plenty of nutrient-rich nibbles on the side, will keep your skin glowing and clear for the majority of the time.


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