Squeeze Working Out Into That Tight Space: Easy Solutions for Working Out At Home


We all have heard how important exercise can be for mood improvement and that’s all the more important these days with everyone stuck inside and stressed. Exercise is also the perfect antidote to that stress snacking we’ve all been guilty of in the last few weeks. But, working out at home can be challenging! If you’re used to the gym or haven’t worked out in a while, your bedroom or living room might not look like the most inviting place to get started on your #quarantinebod.

But have no fear! You don’t need a lot of space or a ton of equipment to get going.
I’ve been inspired to take my workout sessions in bite-sized bites. I figure if I can just get 15 minutes of working out in, that’s a whole lot better than nothing. If I end up going for 30 or 45 minutes, great, but that’s just a bonus from getting the 15 minutes done. You can definitely do 15 minutes today! I usually workout in my bedroom and have about six to seven feet of space for it, so I’ve searched hard for workouts that are going to fit into my room.  

HIIT it Hard

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, but for me it stands for pain. Just kidding, just kidding, it actually stands for major accomplishment, feel good after you get through it workouts. Research shows many fat-burning benefits to this high intensity style of workout. Luckily for us, HIIT workouts (think burpees, mountain climbers) are usually short bursts of fast, grueling exercises, but you’ll get ‘em over fast and feel like a goddess for the rest of the day. It’s amazing that such a high-intensity workout can be done easily in a small space. In this workout, you’ll see the trainers span about six feet all around. Most of the workout are in just the standing position.

Yoga Studio in Your Living Room

I continually underestimate yoga workouts. I go into them thinking I’ll relax my mind and stretch out a little and not a few minutes in, I’m feeling like I am the most in-flexible female on the planet. But don’t let that discourage you! By the end of a workout session, my face is always smiling, I’m feeling renewed and my body has released so much tension. Flexibility and yoga have been shown to have enormous health benefits, both mentally and physically. And what’s good news for all of us at home, it doesn’t take much room to get a great yoga workout in. You can use a workout mat for laying down, but a beach towel will work just fine too. 


Tone Them Legs

Are you like me and have been wanting to take a barre class? I’ve seen the awesome sculpting results of the ballet workouts and always felt like I couldn’t do it without a studio and barre. But there are plenty of ways to add a leg-toning workout into your regime. The thigh/butt results are so worth the effort. Ready to get your booty moving? This workout is designed for a small space and is LESS than 20 minutes, so you can definitely get this done on your break-time. 


Cardio For Cramped Spots

Cardio can be a challenge in a small space. You don’t want to exactly find yourself running back and forth in your hallway and going up and down the stairs can get a bit boring. Investing in a Peloton stationary bike is a great solution. With the live classes connected to the bike and tracking apps, you can fit in a full cardio workout and spin class into any small space. If you haven’t yet experienced what the workout is all about and only know the equipment from the holiday ad controversy, it’s definitely a good time to check out all the benefits this bike has to offer. 




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