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Five Comfy Ways to Feel Fierce Again


In our new normal of staying home most of the time, many of us seem to be struggling with who we are when we are just with ourselves (and maybe our co-quarantiners). If there’s no office to go to, no happy hour to dress up for, and no dinner date, is there even a point to getting out of our pajamas? If you’re like me, many days that question hasn’t even gotten asked and it’s just been one long day of lounge wear. There’s something comforting in that, but after a few days or weeks, it can get pretty old! With many of us realizing this, we’re trying to find a balance between not having to dress up and not descending into wearing the same sweats for an entire week (confession, this may have already happened). 

We don’t need a work event or office dress code to give us a reason to get out of those stained t-shirts and tattered yoga pants. We might not be able to change our scenery much, but we can change what we look like in it! Here are a few excuses to get you back into your closet. After all, your clothes miss you. 

Host a Fancy Dressed Up Evening In

There’s no high-end restaurant required to have a glamorous night; whether it’s a date night with your partner or a virtual dinner with friends over FaceTime, hosting a dinner at home can be a great reason to dress up. It might also be just the thing to break up the monotony and get you feeling good about yourself. Order delivery, pick-up takeout or prepare a special meal in the kitchen; just make it special and worth your extra wardrobe effort. 

Pick a Picnic Outfit

Now that the weather is getting warmer, socially distant picnics are a great way to gather safely with family or friends. I recently hosted one with my best friend. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks, probably one of our longest times apart. We each made our own picnic (which totally took the cooking pressure off of both of us!) and she brought her lawn chair over and we sat about eight feet apart (to be extra careful). It’s a great occasion to put on a special sundress or romper. Even if you don’t have the backyard or lawn for it, you can find a park or even a parking lot to enjoy the distant company.  

Put a Little Sparkle in Your Grocery Shopping Trip

Sometimes we need a little pop in our life and spring is a perfect time for it. Even if you’re just taking a walk around the block, pull out that one piece in your wardrobe that adds a little shine and excitement. Even if you’re sporting a face mask that covers most of your face, pair it with a skirt that shines to show off your spirit.

Matching Sets for Lounging Around the House

Nothing elevates a comfy top and pants like having them be matching and in neutral colors. As put-together as any pantsuit, you’ll find plenty of options for rocking some classic matching knits this season. These looks are easy and effortless – you don’t have to worry about coordinating colors when everything is the same.

PJs for Feeling Un-Frumpy

You definitely don’t have to sacrifice style when staying comfy at home. Billowy, soft sets are made for lounging with Netflix. Look for fabrics like modal and eco-friendly tencel for extra softness. You can find some great looks on Amazon, Target, and Old Navy and you won’t need to pay more than $30 for a new set. 

Although online shopping can be one of our favorite go-to pastimes at the moment, before tossing pieces into your virtual shopping bag, take a second look in your closet at what you already have. Try wearing something you haven’t worn in a while. You know, those outfits you always browse past to save for “another time.” Give them a wear and if you don’t love them, consider giving them up before adding anything new to your wardrobe. 

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