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Head Scarf Style Made Super Easy for Summer


You might be a loyal fan of the head scarf, or, like me, always loved the look but never tried it out yourself.

Summer is the perfect time to lift your hair off your face and neck. And if you still haven’t gotten around to getting your quarantine hair back to the salon, a head scarf is also a very fashionable way to save a bad hair day, or cover up them roots

I have a bunch of scarves in my dresser that I admire from afar. They’re beautiful, and I always buy with the intention of “This time I’ll wear one.” And then they join the collection of untouched scarves that I’ll get around to figuring out how to style one day.

Well today’s the day! No more procrastination!

When buying a new head scarf, consider making sure you have a wide variety of lengths. This way, you can rock different looks with longer and shorter scarves.

Whether it’s at the beach, jogging outside, working in the garden or going out (finally!) for dinner alfresco, a head scarf is just the look this season!  

Head Scarf in Braid

This look is great for giving a boho feel to a longer scarf that might be worn around your neck in more formal looks.

Wrap a rolled scarf around your head like a bandanna look. Leave one side much longer than the other. Leave enough room on the short end to tie it to the long side at the base of your neck. Then simply take the longer end and carry it through a traditional braiding method. Make sure that the scarf is one of your three sections, and that your hair is the other two.

I love this look for adding some visual interest to my boring old braids that are so comfy this time of year.

Scarf in Bun

Super easy but looks so chic!

Start with a ponytail and stick one end of your handkerchief or scarf inside the hair tie. Then simply twist tightly the length of the scarf until you have a nice long roll. After that, just twist again, this time combining your rolled fabric twisted with your hair.

Once you have it all twisted together, just roll into a bun and secure the remaining end into your hair tie. Finish up with some bobby pins for stability. 

Triangle Wrap Head Scarf 

This has always been a challenge for me. The classic triangle fold, with the top point facing the back of your head — I feel like it looks so good on everyone…but me.

I usually see ladies online sporting it, with big hair flowing out of the scarf and it looks so effortless, so boho, so chic, while on me – well, I look like a reject from Woodstock or Pirates of the Caribbean.

So, I’m giving this look another try.

To make it look more fashionable rather than costume-y, focus on letting a little hair show through on top and having it way off your forehead, rather than closer down toward your eyebrows. Unless you like how that looks on you – then by all means, rock your scarf however you’d like!

Pony Scarf

Simple, elegant and a great way to show off your beautiful scarf.

Just tie your scarf around your ponytail. You have the option to just knot (works great for teeny, tiny scarves we never know what to do with) or, for longer scarves, you can make a cute bow. Or just let the ends hang elegantly to dress up a simple ponytail. 

Bun Knot 

Want to jazz up your bun? Just tie a scarf around your already made bun. This works great with the small scarves, and will beef up a small bun of thinner hair. You can’t get much more bang for so little effort. 

Although head scarf looks are blowing up on social media right now, a good high-quality scarf will never go out of style.

A larger scarf can be quite versatile and carries you from summer through fall. This silk scarf available on Amazon has all the right shades of blue and orange.

Chain prints have such a trendy 90s vibe right now, we can’t get enough of them. This Amazon find has both chain and leopard print – could we possibly ask for more in one head scarf?

Nothing is cuter and more on trend than black and white polka dots this summer. Add a modern twist to any outfit with some monochromatic dots and florals for not a lot of cash, thanks to this Amazon head scarf option.


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