5 Things Friends Have Said to Me About Fashion in Quarantine


In all honesty, I have only worn either my work uniform or pajamas for the last month. It sometimes takes a few days for me to change and a few weeks to do laundry (I’m gross, I know). Meanwhile, I have friends who spend longer on their morning routines now than they did pre-quarantine. 

Whether you dress to the nines or are a robe and slippers gal, we can all agree on one thing: quarantine has changed fashion habits forever. 

In honor of the styles of the times, I wrote down a couple memorable quotes friends have said to me about fashion in the past few weeks: 

“Did you know Croc Sales are at an all time high?”

My friend told me this knowing I was a big fan of the shoes from the start. 

It’s true that the classic Ugly Shoe is popular in a big way –apparently when you’re stressed about an international pandemic, you have no time to tie laces, making Crocs the perfect slip-on option. 

They’re a comfortable, practical, waterproof, and (debatably) fashionable footwear choice– what’s not to love?

“If no one on this Zoom call compliments my makeup, I’ll cry.”

The friend who said this is a visual art major, and she puts more effort into her daily face than I have in my whole life– I just brush my teeth and maybe throw on drugstore mascara if I’m feeling fancy.

According to her, the fashionistas of the world are missing out on showing their outfits to the world. Fashion and makeup is a creative outlet for a lot of people, and those random compliments you get on the street can mean a lot; but, during quarantine, you’re forced to depend on Zoom colleagues to acknowledge the work you put into your appearance. 

Moral of the story: if your coworker’s face is beautifully beat next call, make sure you tell her it looks good. 

“I gained 15 pounds and need to go jean shopping… I don’t want to go jean shopping.”

A coworker told me this while staring at the ground, ashamed.

Girl, we all feel ya. 

While stuck at home, the gym feels as far away as ever and those Oreos are as close as ever. While we’ve all maybe put on a couple extra pounds, it doesn’t mean we’re not still beautiful and deserving of confidence. Until you’re feeling that way though, it’s ok if you wanna procrastinate that jean shopping a little bit longer and stick to sweatpants and leggings for the time being.

“I like your mask.”

This was a compliment rarely uttered in 2019, but is now a standard icebreaker in 2020. Out in public, some people wear beautifully sewn masked with funky prints that deserve compliments. I have friends currently learning to sew just so they can have masks that match their outfits. 

No doubt about it: masks are the essential accessory of the decade thus far.


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