Menopause: Mystical, Menacing and Annoying AF

  • I woke up crying .
  • My face stuck to the pillow and in a pool of sweat.
  • Night hasn’t been my friend for years. 
  • Hormones raging- hot, cold, old.
  • It’s funny as you hit that mark and start to feel “the change” you realize how important hormones are.
  • For some, menopause comes seemingly easy and for others it’s a myriad of whopping symptoms. Every woman begins this journey at a different time. There is no “Menopause March” where we gather in solidarity to support each other. There is no national menopause day, but there should be!
  • I went through it early in my 40’s……..actually forced into it. Surgical Menopause they call it, due to a hysterectomy. I can assure you of one thing I was completely ill- prepared and completely uneducated .
  • I wish someone aside from Google or Alexa had shared the realities of this experience as I was convinced I was dying and toured doctors offices like open houses. My symptoms were so severe I was referred to many doctors who could not diagnose me which left me to suffer in silence and eventually diagnose myself.

  • So whether you breeze through it barely noticing or start early wondering what’s happening to you, I offer no cure, yet share my story and research-to assure you that you are not alone.

  • Here Is What I know:
  • It Sucks
  • I miss my estrogen 
  • I miss my period ( ok that’s bullshit but I miss all the good stuff that came with it- YOUTH!)

It can be a long game

Symptoms range from rashes and flushing skin to heart palpitations

75% of menopausal women experience hot flashes and night sweats which can effect them for an average of five years

Irregular Periods and shortened intervals between periods are common

Welcome to the world of Vaginal dryness

Mood swings ( Suprise ……Suprise )

Breast Soreness

Headaches but be aware if they persist -hit up the doctor

Joint Pain – could be referred to as Menopausal Arthritis which effects women at the onset mainly in the fingers and wrists

  • Burning Tongue- lose your estrogen lose your saliva

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Digestive problems

Hair Loss

Sleep Disorders

Weight Gain

Irregular Heartbeat (that’s a scary one)



What can we do? Plenty! Eat better including more healthy foods; hydrate, making sleep and exercise  priorities, quit smoking or vaping …..all of these actions will actually improve your health, inside and out. Do not be ashamed to talk to your doctor and get into the spirit of sharing. This is how you learn about about the best options for hormone management or therapies, alternative health practices for symptom relief and increased chances of keeping your sanity!


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