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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes


Mack David, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston didn’t even know about Covid-19 when they wrote this song in 1950 for Walt Disney and his movie Cinderella. Indeed all the three of them knew was that dreams occur because “something happens when you’re fast asleep” and they hoped to perpetuate this idea for years to come. As I approach my 80th year, I still have memories of many past dreams that I’ve also referred to as “secret wishes” and I can resurrect them at the touch of a button.

A deeply seated, sleep-filled evening complete with dreams hopefully leaves little room for heartache. Heartache comes when your heart grieves. The thousands of people affected by this present virus know what it means to grieve…….whether being touched personally or remotely.

Feeling out of control will truly be a lasting effect of Covid-19.

Dreams (aka wishes that are still so vivid for me) began in junior high school. Deciding to audition for my first musical was frightening. Always being on the heavy side left me with an “I’m not good enough” complex. Reality did not get me the lead part but it put me in the chorus and it revealed to me that I had a nice voice…………….a really darn good voice!

10th, 11th, and 12th Grade

Oh the cliques, clubs, and changes one must make going through adolescence in order to survive! Again, this time I dreamed about being part of the political scene and running for student government. Not being a “member” of the most popular group but having a great personality and being able to talk and get along with most was my entree into politics. And Yes I Won My Election as Councilman.

I dreamed a lot the next four years away at college.

I got Engaged at 21.

I graduated with a BS degree in education and child development.

I got married and taught school………………..and then had my biggest wish come true.

mother with daughtersDreaming and wishing is what I did best. All of my friends and colleagues teased me about always wearing rose-colored glasses and living in my own pretty reality but when I gave birth to my three daughters I knew – I really knew how powerful both my dreams and I were.

Now I am not saying everything was rosy and perfect. There were conflicts and upsets and fights and holes in walls and many of doors slammed but we all had the courage and love to forge through to the other side. These three girls, although bright and beautiful, gave me much aggravation along with many years of pleasure while growing up.

Being with them now as adults only leads me to again know that dreams really do come true and one must continue to hope and wish.

The 1990’s

Time for a new dream. This one lasted ten years. It brought me day-after-day fruitful returns and communicated to me…….A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

In many sleepless nights since Corona came to visit, I find my dreams are a bit muffled, fuzzy, and not really memorable. If I look back on the past, and I do, I recall many dreams and wishes of the heart that came true in reality.

In our new reality, my wish for all of us is to keep thinking beautiful thoughts, keep playing by the rules even though it is tough, and remember what life was like before January 2020.

Keep dreaming. Stay safe.

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  1. Love,Love! Beautifully expressed and I know straight from the heart. Trust me I know. Fabulous picture too!

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