I am a 53 Year Old Virgin


  • Use it or lose it. I thought mostly myth until my latest trip to my Gynecologist who interestingly has become my new bartender, I’ll tell her anything lol.

  • Why the recent trip to my new watering hole? BV- Bacterial Vaginosis. Not sexy I know but REAl.

  • Before we continue I need to debunk 2 myths. The first: BV is NOT an STD. It is an infection caused by an imbalance in your perfectly balanced PH down under.
    A new sexual partner is the most likely culprit especially after not having sex for a very , very , did I say very long time.
  • The second: If you experience pain or discomfort you may be concerned your vagina is too small – Good News NO vagina is too tight for intercourse.
  • The conundrum is unless you’re with a Steady Eddie or Friends with Bennies the frequency (or lack there of) does not provide the regularity necessary to open up like a Georgia O’keeffe painting …….
    so I did a little digging to combat this Benjamin button disease and here is what I know:
    1. preparation is key– without foreplay and proper lubrication it ain’t happening and even if it does it will be painful
    2. exercise – I know can you believe it , it’s good for this too?- Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the area around the vagina and just gets your blood flowing
    1. kegals help relax the vagina, may improve lubrication, allow more blood flow increase, sexual arousal and make it easier to reach orgasm
    1. chakra opening Your Root Chakra to be exact-chakras are areas of your body that emotionally (energetically) represent certain things in your life. Your Root Chakra correlates to things that are foundational to our being- safety, security, identity, physical health – this is a whole separate article
    2. toys and more toysjust keep handy underneath the bed
    3. Cones – say what ?!Vaginal Dilator to expand vaginal muscles and reduce painful scarring- the magnets help relax muscle and tissue and encourages blood flow
    4. Estrogen creamfor the opening, softens the tissue
    5. Probioticsfor a healthy vaginal balance
    6. Frequency– my doc said eventually my vagina will form to my new partner…not only have I never heard that before but it was truly the least feminist conversation I’ve had….ever!

  • Ahhh the mystical Vagina . .Some think it to be the center of every woman’s joy, holding the secrets of the world but alas it is a muscle like any other that needs due attention and don’t forget self love.

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