Liberate Yourself during Quarantine



Taking it alllll the way back….COVID-19

Desperate for a workout to completely exhaust me, mind and body, I scrolled the YOUTUBE archives and dusted off the Jane Fonda Workout for beginners 1982. Let me just say two things; 1) I don’t know how this was ever made for beginners its HARD! and 2) she looks fabulous!!!!

I must workout- it is part of my routine that keeps me sane.

When I was young I never ” worked out”. I was a smoker of many things… and even though I went to the High School of Performing Arts, and had a g-d given gift for singing I raged through my childhood with absolutely no respect for the house I was living in- MY BODY. I ate poorly, was always on a diet, used and abused illegal substances, and protected myself with a good extra 10-20 lbs of padding to keep the world at bay……I wasn’t an “athlete” I was an “artist” LOL.

Growing up In my house there was ” good food ” and “bad food” held in seperate drawers in the kitchen and diet iced tea in the frig. my mother carried her body issues from childhood into her adult life and graciously passed them on to her daughters . The mindset of ” good and “bad” was seared into our brain from the beginning….but I digress. Today is not a day for blaming my “mother”, I gave that up years ago, today is a day to celebrate!!!!

Today I celebrate my emancipation from my own prison-.I chuckle at the oxymoron as I self isolate. How fitting that on Passover ( you know the holiday when the jews escaped from their oppressors ) I should feel so free. Free to love my body and all its curves, free to love my need to sweat to manage my anxiety, free to love that I LOVE food especially ice cream, free to accept that I am flawed and free to know that its all ok because working out is one of the tools in my toolkit.

I have conquered my mental slavery!

looking to conquer yours ? Here is a quick list that may help you start building your toolkit….

1)Give yourself permission to wear red lipstick -I believe it has superpowers

2) Dance to your favorite track till you drop

3)Try Zumba, Yoga, or Kickboxing for the first time and look like an idiot

5)Drink out of a stem wine glass

6)Get all dressed up with no where to go

7)learn a new language

8) Binge a new series

We are all in cages with the doors wide open…….





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