Into The Rain: COVID -19


I used to love the rain- it signified good luck to me- I was always told when it rains that Mother Earth was crying- it is now pouring outside.

We haven’t seen rain in Florida, not for many weeks as a matter of fact every morning we have been greeted by sunshine like some cruel joke. For a moment, when you wake, you almost forget what’s going on in the world and then you quickly remember when your phone fills with texts from people you know and have known for years announcing the latest death toll in our circle….the latest mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother…… it’s maddening.

As I write it’s raining even harder now…….. pouring buckets like a waterfall of fear. Still no news, still no cure, still no plan, still nothing.


……Im angry, Im confused, I’m isolated, I’m selfishly counting my blessings that my family and loved ones are safe, while trying to find consoling words for those that have lost theirs .

The weather has finally met the mood.

The Rain is starting to lighten up, the patter is faint but the the sky is still gray still holding onto thousands of more buckets- its not letting go all in one shot….we have to wait….and so I wait.

Today I give into the rain.

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  1. The image says it all. Your words are an expression of our feelings ….all of us ….those who have difficulty in finding the correct way to communicate and are left with only silence …thank you for speaking out . JHSMEL

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