• Stepping out of denial and into your reality can be jarring! I have no idea how I have survived this long as I grew up way too quickly and recklessly. I thought I would be dead by 30, but I’m still here! I am destined and designed to be a part of something bigger than myself. I cherish every breath and moment even when I forget to show it and I know, now more than ever, that the “what” is more important than the “why.”
    I share these seven reminders daily with myself and now with you:

    1. You are not going to live forever. Health levels the playing field like nothing else and although you can’t control you can contribute-Your choices matter, for the day and the future days they effect.
    1. You are worthy! No snide comment, rejection, beliefs embedded or adopted trump that fact. Remember that you are beautiful and brave and deserve love like a haze of moonbeams shadowing your face. That love comes from a deep deep space.
    2. Success is measured in many ways – paper isn’t everything and chasing wallets instead of dreams make for a life of longing and eventually spiritual emptiness.
    3. Detaching from social norms is difficult so don’t beat yourself up about others not understanding or supporting your inner guts- it’s not their story.
    4. Awareness is a double edge sword and there is no way to work yourself back to the womb. Honor your knowledge, and be grateful for your experience as it is like no other.
    5. Be kind to yourself- to others- to strangers-we are all going through something and on any given day horrors and atrocities are survived by people who wear a smile and carry a Starbucks.
    6. Own Your Shit- Sometimes you have to sit in it- disappointment is uncomfortable but through challenge comes change.


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