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6 Places People are Headed Post-Quarantine


The closure of Earth was interesting (among about a thousand other adjectives), as we retreated to our homes to work, rest, and finish Netflix. Things are certainly not normal right now, but they are inching closer to real life (or a realer life than what we’ve had). In other words, we’re finally getting released back into the wild, still encouraged to stand six-feet apart from our fellow man.

So, with this re-found freedom, where are we headed? Parks, pools, playgrounds? The following places will likely be popular:

Dog groomers: Maybe your pet is compliant enough to sit quietly while you cut its fur. But most dogs have nothing but murder on their mind the second they hear the whir of the clippers. And that’s left them unsightly and ungroomed during quarantine (yep, mutts have mullets just like we do). Now that groomers are reopen, your Maltese won’t have to look like a used Q-tip…. even if they’re really pulling that vibe off.

Hair salons: Of course, your pet’s flowing locks aren’t the only ones you’re worried about; humans are headed to salons as well. In fact, for many, tending to strands and curls is one of the highest priorities (see aforementioned mullet). It’s safe to say that stylists, after two months of everyone trimming their own tresses, have their work cut out for them.

Grocery stores: The quarantine saw grocery delivery sky-rocket, one-to-two hour windows suddenly turning into days of waiting. It’s understandable: it’s much safer to have Cornflakes come to you when a virus is on the loose, running rabidly around the aisles. As the craziness of the contagion wanes, more and more people are returning to stores in person; it’s cheaper, it’s faster, and it gets you more steps on your Fitbit. Added bonus: toilet paper is back to being a thing. Bring on the bran!

Gyms: Turns out the Quarantine 15 isn’t just a clever phrase; it’s a real issue. Men and women alike find themselves tipping the scales during isolation. Comfort foods, stress eating, lack of exercise, and constant proximity to the pantry probably all play a role. As gyms open (they’ve already opened in some states and are slated to open in more), people will come running (and run more once inside).

Restaurants: Many of us have cooked at home so much that even Arby’s sounds like a five-course-meal. But, since it’s dine-in that we’ve been without, it’s dine-in that’ll likely see an influx of foodies. Nothing beats chillin’ at Chilis after months without mozzarella sticks. Being apart for so long wasn’t awesome, blossom.

TJ Maxx: This store has some serious staying power – nothing can kill it. Not a virus or a recession or record unemployment. It’s a certainty of life: death, taxes, and TJ Maxx. Long live reasonably-priced home goods and fashion!


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