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Corona Virus Playlist Week 6: 7 Songs to Listen to in Quarantine


Week 6 of our Corona Virus Playlist features a variety of tunes from different genres and eras. What’s loaded for your listening pleasure? 

Keep Your Hands to Yourself: A catchy little ditty by the Georgia Satellites, “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” is particularly timely in this era of gloves, masks, and social distancing. Touching is soooo 2019. 

Change: I first became a fan of Tracy Chapman when “Fast Car” was among a handful of music videos MTV played its first few years. “Change” – a song where she challenges people to change – feels emphatically poignant right now. 

Side bar: A limo driver once told me that, out of all the celebrities he’d ever met, Tracy Chapman was the nicest. 

Running on Empty: There’s a literal meaning behind this song: Jackson Browne wrote it because he was always driving around without gas in his car. Nowadays, it’s not so much about ethanol as it is about emotions. Many of us feel spent, going through the day on fumes. We’re running on empty, but still running. And that’s important. 

Kiss: Prince and the Revolution’s 1980s hit features a simple title about an act of intimacy. We long for the days before masks got in the way.

Come as You Are: Kirk Cobain’s small Washington hometown features a sign paying homage to the late singer: Welcome to Aberdeen, Come As You Are. A fitting tribute to a grunge giant, “Come As You Are” makes our playlist because of it’s relation to Zoom meetings. Come to them, just as you are – in sweats, without makeup, even wearing your headgear. 

Rocket Man: This Elton John ballad makes the list because of Space X, a privately funded space transportation company that recently launched its first crew. Ditching Earth is one way to avoid the pandemic. It’s probably more effective than Lysol. 

O-o-h Child: The lyrics to this Five Stairsteps hit give us hope, which is something we desperately need right now. Things are going to get easier. Things are going to get brighter. 

Some day.


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