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Corona Virus Playlist Week 5: 7 Songs to Listen to in Quarantine


Week 5 of our Corona Virus Playlist is filled with tunes for your listening pleasure. The chosen songs include:

Tonight’s the Night: Rod Stewart wasn’t singing about going outside of the house when he wrote this hit, but it applies to Covid-19 nonetheless. Tonight’s the night….we’re putting on our Sunday best and going to Sears. In public. Around people. But still six feet apart.

Six Feet Apart: Speaking of, this recent single by Luke Combs hasn’t made our list yet because I didn’t know it existed (I’m a little bit country but a lot more rock ‘n roll). A song literally about social distancing, it includes lyrics like, “I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss the road. I miss my band.” I, personally,  miss Chick-fil-A. Kind of a lot. 

Sugar, Sugar: I’m going way back in the archives for this song by The Archies. It feels relevant to the global pandemic because sugar is – let’s face it – a comfort food. It makes us feel better so, one might argue, how bad can it really be? 

Into the Mystic: The second this tune comes on the radio, listeners can’t help but sway back and forth. Van Morrison’s most famous ballad is among his most confusing with lyrics melted in mystery. And anything mysterious, confusing, or WTF-worthy seem to fit 2020 to a tee.

Under Pressure: A joint effort by David Bowie and Queen, “Under Pressure” is a classic. And, right now, it’s what politicians feel. They’re pressured to keep citizens safe but reopen the economy. Make no mistake: regular citizens feel it too.

Just a Friend: Biz Markie was a bit of a one-hit wonder with this release, but it’s hard to find someone from the 1980’s who doesn’t have at least some of the lyrics memorized. Currently, it’s set to make a comeback because staying platonic in the pandemic is the cool thing to do. You just never know who’s got cooties. 

Nowhere to Run: Another oldie by Martha and the Vandellas, this tune reflects how it feels to walk through a grocery store with people all around. We turn down the cereal aisle trying to lose the crowd only to run smack dab into another group hanging around the Frosted Flakes. This is why ordering groceries online is a thing. 

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  1. You are my favorite poster. I love you light humor. You are easing my frustrations. Thank you. JHSMEL

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