Lady In The Streets, Freak In The Sheets

  • note from the author: my mother would have preferred that I made this post anonymously, but I explained to her, that would defeat the whole purpose -love you mom!

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion know how to get a conversation started-WAP. Brash, class, honest, fun, gross, hysterical, brazen, truthful and timely- think what you want about the delivery, but its time women start talking, singing and shouting more about SEX!

Shhhhhh….I know, I know ….

we don’t talk about the “S” word it’s full of scandal, slander, and salacious as hell- because women have been slut shamed for years! Reminded time and again, like the difference in the price of our dry cleaning, that women continue to “pay” more for the same privileges as a man.

The labels are endless, used by men and women on women…… fluid because we are “fluid”, cougars for dating younger, MILFS for being hot and having kids, THOTS for having many casual sexual encounters, and “desperate” because it’s not appropriate for females to “keep” a man when men have been keeping women for years…. There’s even an app for it -shout out to “secret arrangements!!”

So, when did we all become so judgy or have we always been that way? Hmmmm well I for one think it’s gotta stop!

I believe there are many women and girls who could benefit from hearing more women talk about sex. Because when you’re not talking about something you are implying that it’s not appropriate. With shame comes silence and with silence comes secrets and instead we should be sharing!

So, in the spirit of sharing here’s my story, condensed version of course…….

I’m a little more Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets and have been called prude more times than I can count- But truth? I’m still a vulnerable, naive, coquettish, innocent that loves to be slapped pinched, tickled, taken from every position, rides, laughs and loves SEX! 

#Truth I believe that there are things that should remain private between partners but I’m not talking about pillow talk I’m talking about the actual act of….

Now Let me be clear, I had no problem with my almost 19-year younger lover stopping by whenever for whatever when it suited me – but although good clean fun, we never quite got there sexually.

Because for me, and everybody is different, the freaky deaky comes with trust and intimacy – I mean am I going to let a total stranger pretend to strangle me lol- ok relax girls-all I’m saying is that for some it’s easy even liberating to let it all hang out with someone they will never see again and for others it’s being a repeat offender where intimacy fuels fantasy and role playing.

Either way feeling free to express your sexuality is our right– I don’t care if Eve ate the apple, I’m done being punished for it!

Sex is natural, primal and fun, whether it leads to procreation or not who cares??!?


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