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A Coronavirus Playlist: Songs to Listen to in Quarantine


As Jane Austen said, “Without music, life would be blank to me.” I can certainly see why – music inspires us, it gives us hope, it even elicits memories of happy, poignant times. And that means – with the coronavirus raging on – we need to tune in more than ever.

So, what’s on shuffle during quarantine? Here are this week’s picks…..

I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor’s song about a breakup evolved into an anthem of female empowerment. And it serves as pandemic empowerment, too.

Don’t Stand Too Close to Me: An obvious choice, but a necessary one. This hit by The Police is enjoying renewed popularity thanks to the concept of social distancing. “Too close” is now defined as less than six feet. Time to rewrite the lyrics, Sting.

She’s Every Woman: This romantic ode by Garth Brooks is a great reflection of the current situation. Women always wear many hats, but now we’re donning even more. We’re workers, moms, teachers, caretakers, and hunters of the toilet paper.

Don’t Come Around Here No More: Not to be rude, mom and dad, but this Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers classic is our present reality. I don’t want your cooties and I certainly don’t want to give you mine.

Here I go Again: Whitesnake’s popular song is not about spending a month in isolation, but it could be! With its repetitive nature, every moment of our shelter-in-place feels a bit like Groundhog’s Day. If only Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell were my nextdoor neighbors. They’d make me laugh and maybe buy me something fancy.

Hangin’ Tough: So, let’s just say that maybe I love the New Kids on the Block. And maybe I spent $170 last year for second row tickets to their concert. And maybe I bought a t-shirt that I often wear (and not ironically). You don’t have to be a NKOTB superfan (though I recommend it), but you might need a reminder of your toughness. You can hang in there.

Beautiful: Even without makeup or hair dye or access to salons, women are still beautiful in every single way and this Christina Aguilera ballad reinforces this important concept. I am beautiful…..no matter what Zoom says.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody: Boy could Whitney Houston sing and, apparently, read our minds. I do want to dance with somebody….and go to coffee with them, and hug them, and hang out with them without the need for a hazmat suit.

Fight Song: Like Gloria Gaynor did before her, Rachel Patten gave us a melody mixed with female strength. In a month that feels like a year, filled with days that feel like battles, this song is a needed nod to the power that lies inside us all.

U Can’t Touch This: MC Hammer’s song will always be a classic in its own right and, now, more applicable than ever. You can’t touch many, many things…..well, you can, but make sure to use hand sanitizer afterward.

Eye of the Tiger: No quarantine list is complete without the inclusion of this little ditty. Not only is the name of the artist (Survivor) symbolic, but the lyrics remind us of Tiger King. Roar!

What’s on your quarantine playlist and what songs would you like to see on ours? Send up your submissions and tell us about the music to your ears!

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