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‘Twas the 31st Day of Quarantine


‘Twas the 31st day of quarantine and all through the halls,
I befriended the echo that bounced off the walls.
The toilet paper hung in the bathroom with care.
Rationed and parceled – there was nothing to spare.

The children were wild as they jumped on their beds.
Lampshades and stockpots stuck to their heads.
Me in my jammies, a book in my lap.
I’d just woken up from another long nap.

When out on the porch there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, I pounced like a cat.
Tore open the curtains and looked through the glass.

The sun on the breast of the green, growing lawn,
as the doorbell rang out and sang like a song.
Then what to my wondering eyes did appear?
The delivery man……spreading quarantine cheer.

A box in his arms and one at his feet…..
risking his health to bring me a treat.
More rapid than eagles I ran to the door.
And stood six feet away, but not an inch more.

He whistled and shouted and called out my name:
“I’ve got a delivery – your packages came.
Now, soap. Now, coffee. Now water and beans.
And pasta and soup and eczema cream.

And granola and tea and ethanol spray –
I’ll set it out here; I must dash away.”
Then from the house, the courier flew.
I looked at the clock, a quarter past two.

And opened the door and cried into the wind,
“I really miss people – come back again!”
With a box full of goods, I returned to the room.
And thought to myself, “I better learn Zoom.”

“And find a new show – something to binge.
And Facetime my friends before I unhinge.”
I glanced at my body – my legs had gone hairy.
My cheeks were unblushed, my nose like a cherry.

No makeup or gloss – nary a drop.
The hair on my head? Like a cockatoo’s top.
A zit on my face and a little round belly –
with no gym to run, I was turning to jelly.

But I laughed nonetheless in spite of myself.
Because I’m safe and I’m good – I’ve got my health.
And so here I exclaim as we stay out of sight,
“Wellness to all! And to all a strong fight!”

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