Here is What I know……


Why do this? Who am I? Why now? What is this gonna be? Who does she think she is? All great questions!!

So why do this? Because I can and I must! yup I heard a calling……

Who am I? My name is Sherril Schwartz- I am an extraordinary, radiant positive glass half full brilliant woman who has faced adversity, trauma and not always made the right decisions. I am single and over 50, a learned MSW, compassionate, hard as a diamond, tenacious, creative, loving and constantly re inventing myself just like all of you.

Why now? Can you think of a better time for connection ?? I can’t- I too have been running down the grocery aisles looking for the last eggs on the shelf and feeling the frequency of fear which is tangible in these tumultuous times. I think I have enough toilet paper … I think I do 🤔.

Here is what I know……sometimes I don’t know shit….sometimes I need help connecting the dots…..sometimes I have no idea how to inform myself, process, or help myself and when I started thinking about that I instantly knew I wasn’t alone. So I wanted to start talking, get the conversation going, share my thoughts and tool kit and include experts from all over the world messaging positivity and solutions for young girls and women.This is a two way street….not me just throwing up all my opinions or forcing experts opinions down your throat…..I want to hear from you!!! This is how we grow, this is how we win. The quote above written by yours truly I think is extremely appropriate for today. Breathe……..lean into it…..sit in it. We need to be informed before we act so sometimes the best thing to do is nothing………I look forward to this whether one or one million join me on the road of life because at the end of the day its all about the journey.

Nothing but love,


  1. The only thing I know is how smart and out there you have always been…..and I am so lucky to know you, I mean really know you ,trust you, and love love love you.

  2. Your being unique is your most admirable trait. And our common bond, other than love, is best friend, worse enemy. This is perfect !

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