Tips for Your Perfect (Quarantined) First Date


Welcome to 2020. The year we’ve revolutionized online dating.

The smell of summer is in the air. Once upon a time (was it another lifetime?), that meant going full throttle into the dating scene. My so-called heartthrobs and best-that-Bumble-can-offers brought the good, the bad, and the ugliest of memories at local pubs, parties and…couches. Ahem.

During the 2020 pandemic, dating’s gone completely digital. And if you’re avoiding swiping right, thinking “How the expletive am I gonna pull this off NOW?!”, I don’t blame you sister.

Before you throw in the towel to the hottest summer of 2020, keep some simple tips in mind to ace your first virtual date.

Connecting on Another Level.

Romance therapist Megan Salisbury says,

“Life is not what it was [a few] months ago, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring. You can still have a hot date.”

All perfect first dates start with commonalities. And what could bring two people closer than the commonality of a global pandemic? I can’t think of much.

But if keeping the convo less intense is your mission, keep things light with age-old tactics: playing online games is an amazing way to challenge someone new.

From Trivia to Scrabble, your options are as endless as the sea of potential bae’s… and you’re bound to develop a more genuine connection.

Takeout and Social Distance.

If you and your date have a local restaurant in common, order takeout and share the experience over FaceTime.

If you bring the date idea to him, he may even order the takeout, and have yours delivered to you. Ugh. How sweet.

Share your opinion on the meals, pour out a glass of wine if that’s your mojo, and kick back in a memory that can be told as “Lady and the Tramp Go Virtual.”

Get Sweaty.

Let’s be real, it’s been hard enough to find the motivation and the will to work out at all during this quarantine. And if getting fit is a common trait between you two, why not share the experience?

Get on Zoom or FaceTime, put on some tunes, and egg each other on. Most commercial gyms have online classes they now offer, and even YouTube is filled with free ideas. Think of it as a PG way to get your heart rates up in tandem.

Express Your Selfie.

A fun way to get creative and giggly is to try drawing or painting each other’s profile photo. If you want to take it up a notch, mimic your classic “paint-and-sip” dates with some wine on the side.

Even if you’re not incredibly artsy, your efforts go a long way, and you’ll certainly get a kick out of the results (or maybe a little offended). Plus, it’s an adorable gift to share with each other once you’ve come out of lockdown.

Send Good Old-Fashioned Love Letters.

If you’re over the whole virtual thing, we get that too.

Try sending each other poems, or including stickers or small items in the envelope.

Again, this is another thing that you can look at down the line, and hold on to for memories-sake. Plus, there’s something incredibly adorable in handwritten notes. Don’t be surprised if you fall for each other FAST.

We Had to Say It: Netflix and Chill.

If nothing else resonates, Netflix will always have your back.

Not too long ago, Netflix launched the server extension Netflix Party, which allows users to watch movies simultaneously and chat about it over the browser. I’m not too sure how the cuddling would work here, but if it gets that deep, screen-smooches are always an option.

Quarantine won’t go down as the brightest time in our history books, but keeping the spark alive in one way or another definitely helps the time pass a little easier. And while physical distancing may be mandated, not-socializing should never be.

Get yourself back out there, put on something cute, and have fun among the tough times with a modern twist on dating.


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