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Corona Virus Playlist Week 7: 7 Songs to Listen to in Quarantine


Week 7 of our Corona Virus Playlist is ready for your listening pleasure. Lend us your ears and tune into:

Strawberry Wine: This country hit by Deana Carter was all over the airwaves my freshman year of college. Whenever my friends and I heard the line, “I still remember, when 30 was old,” we reacted in surprise: 30 was old, ancient in fact. Nowadays, “Strawberry Wine” makes this list because it’s synonymous with summer, even a summer marked by pandemic pandemonium. It’s like Boone’s Farm, but fancier

Old Town Road: When this Lil Nas X song broke out last year, I was all over it. Catchy, unique, and fun, it transcends genres, merging country with rap (and succeeding in doing the near-impossible by making Billy Ray Cyrus relevant again). It belongs on our corona list because riding a horse ‘til we can’t no more sounds lovely. Horses can’t get the virus, right?

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: This Billy Joel ballad always confused me as it didn’t seem like it was about an Italian Restaurant at all (or any kind of eatery). It makes our list because dining establishments are starting to reopen. And that means the scenes from Italian restaurants (and others) will be interesting: tables spaced six feet apart, masks worn while walking inside, temperature checks on the menu.

Say My Name: When Destiny’s Child came out with this song, they probably weren’t thinking about coffee shops. But, with the pandemic raging on, hearing a barista shout our names while handing us lattes sounds fabulous. Say my name, DazBog. Say it all morning long.

Bad Moon Rising: At the risk of being a Debbie Downer, I’m throwing this CCR song out there. The virus feels contained, but not fully. The giant pool parties, the barbecues, the refusal to wear a mask because of (Mel Gibson Braveheart voice) FREEDOM make me feel that a second wave is imminent.

Sexy and I Know It: It was impossible to avoid this LMFAO hit in 2011; it was everywhere. I’m bringing it back to present day and making it relevant. So what if I’ve gained eight pounds from stress eating and haven’t shaved my legs since March. I’m sexy and I know it.

 Can’t Help Falling in Love:  I had to put a song by The King on this list in a nod to people emerging from their homes and joining the ranks of real life. Elvis has left the building and, finally, so have we.


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