The Pandemic, No Partner, No problem- We got you! The Chronicles of Online Dating


While the rest of the world is being forced into a new technology fold, those of us who are single have been navigating this terrain for a decade.

Year after year as the technology increased, the way to meet people organically tapered to a smaller funnel – internet dating lets you cast a wide net and opens up your dating world geographically.

Oh, how I miss the days of single bars where eyes locked across a room and chemistry or tequila lead the way … we are all interviewing each other like a good job search, vetting each other out, making sure our references are sound and all the boxes are checked before we even think about taking the next step of meeting someone in person.

Clearly the adage of “when you don’t look you find” does not apply to this process.

So, what’s a gal to do? Sit inside and swear off searching for a partner? Hell to the NO! We suggest you level up, learn the language, and don’t let it get you down.

Part 1

First things first: plant your flag in the sand and start a profile. It doesn’t matter what app (many people choose to be on multiple apps at the same time). But a REAL profile is imperative.

Pics must be recent, too: And we mean recent like last week and not a collection of the best of the best from college or the good old days.

At least three individual pictures are a MUST and keep group photos to a minimum. We know you have lots of friends, but there’s no need for the people viewing your profile to have to guess which hot babe you are.

Less is more: No need to write a novel for your bio – many are more concerned with how you look (shocker!). No one cares if you like long walks on the beach or how many countries you’ve been to (PS it’s a pandemic so no one is really traveling).

Be reasonable: Set your radius to “geographically desirable” – you know, 45-minutes to an hour is basically a long distance relationship.

Keep it 100: Your preferences that is! Don’t set an age range higher or lower than reasonable, and that goes for height too – if it matters to you, don’t pretend it doesn’t.

Now that your internet presence has been established, get to swiping. Although uncharted waters, in part 2 we will teach you how to navigate the seas.


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