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Corona Virus Playlist Week 4: 7 Songs to Listen to in Quarantine


Week 4 of our Corona Virus Playlist features a wide-range of titles, from one-hit wonders to timeless masterpieces. The seven songs on this week’s rotation include:

Time After Time: Cyndi Lauper owned the 1980’s with multiple hits (and hair colors). This 1985 ballad is once again relevant with the repetition many of us are feeling in our everyday lives. We want to break the pattern, of course, but we’re not yet sure if it’s safe.

Livin’ la Vida Loca: Ricky Martin’s voice filled the airwaves in 1999, singing tales of a crazy life. His song, by far his most popular hit (at least in America), resonates with us now more than it ever did. We’re not hitting the club circuit; our party is a party of one. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t crazy: disco lights and whiskey sours have nothing on pandemic reality.

Who Let the Dogs Out?: This fun little ditty by Baha Men was immensely popular at the turn of the century. Now, twenty years later, we have the answer to the question it asked. Who let the dogs out? Everyone….multiple times a day. In fact, walking our furry friends is where many of us find reprieve. The great outdoors are even greater than before.

With or Without You: A romantic ballad by U2, the lyrics to “With or Without You” are especially poignant during a quarantine as spouses are forced to stay around each other. All. The. Time. Allthefreakingtime. While no evidence suggests that the virus was man-made, divorce lawyers aren’t complaining. If nature hadn’t engineered the pandemic, attorneys might have done it themselves.

The Safety Dance: Engaging in anything that involves safety is particularly fitting right now, whether that means social distancing or dancing with a can of disinfectant. And Men Without Hats is a fine band name…’s much more responsible than Men Without Masks. 

Mama Told me Not to Come:  This classic Three Dog Night tune is almost fifty years old. But, in 2020, it feels more modern in this era than it did when it came out back in 1971. Mama Told me Not to Come….because she doesn’t want me exposing her to my germs. The new lyrics just roll off the tongue. 

I’m So Tired of Being Alone: Us too, Al Green. Us too.


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