Let’s Start Celebrating the Wins!

group of doctors giving thumbs up


Let’s Start celebrating the WINS!!! You can’t move into acceptance without shifting your paradigm- it’s impossible .In order to see things differently your thought process and belief systems must change. This takes time and circumstance, but most importantly willingness. Each day this pandemic continues I have become more aware of just how negative our culture is and it’s really starting to piss me off! As the new “norms” kick in we must start believing we are going to beat this invisible enemy- acknowledging that even though we ALWAYS hear more about tragedy, there are still triumphs!

It’s just like that meal you had out a couple of months ago at a new restaurant – you may have told one or two people how great it was or posted about your experience but if there was one mistake on the order, poor service or just bad food…… ” fuh get about it”……ten times the amount of people were alerted! We talk, tweet and post about the “injustice” and “horrible” experiences we endure and we want everyone to know about it . We are conditioned to complain, to spread negativity, to share what went wrong instead of what went right.

So here comes the challenge, lets flip the script and start #talkingup– talking up the good things in our life, the moments of laughter, the funny sitcom, the fact that in a world as vain as ours we are all laughing about our gray hair, gaining weight, Kim Kardashians new fragrance, day pajamas and what’s trending on Netflix. Let’s start #talkingup that we finally have time to spend with our kids, parents, significant others, to organize the drawers and closets, to talk to old friends or to not talk at all. Begin #talkingup the tiny victories and how it’s all about our inner “G”. Yes we have lost many and will continue to suffer loss and there is no excusing it or justifying it. Every human life has equal value. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to change the culture, energy is a real thing! The more #talkingup -the more rising up, the more thriving up, the more lifting up!


Let’s start celebrating the WINS!!!!



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