Success Is Not An Accident


  • Sports analogies have never been my thing. I can remember sitting in meeting after meeting in the corporate world, rolling my eyes every time I heard one. Make no mistake, I love sports especially competitive sports, but I just could not get my head around using sports analogies in a business setting. It wasn’t until I watched several incredible coaches speak about their experiences on an original Netflix series called The Playbook: A Coach’s Rules for Life that I realized, it was never the message in those meetings that turned me off, just the messengers.
  • There is a unifying philosophy amongst great coaches who create teams and extract exceptional performances from incredibly talented individuals. Some of it formed through their own personal successes and failures, others a bi product of having an incredible coach themselves. At the very core lies selflessness, true leadership and the gift to motivate.

    No spoiler alert here! I implore you to watch the series. As we are all “athletes” in the game of life, below are just a few of the featured memorable messages:

    I can’t be the best if your not your best
  • Share your success and own your failures
  • Pressure is a privilege don’t run from it move towards it
  • The train doesn’t stop twice
  • A big weakness can create a great strength
  • It is all about what you do with what’s happened to you
  • If your scared, your not strong and you don’t take risks
  • Emotions are the worst advisors
  • A good lie can become the truth
  • Hearing what you need to hear from someone you trust can reignite your confidence
  • Everything depends on you, you can impact everything around you
  • Growth takes place outside your comfort zone


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