DOING AND GOING – The Corona Virus Diaries

rain droplets on purple leaf

The doing and going

Have stopped.

Slowly the guilt of NOT

Doing and going

Is fading away.

Programmed from birth;

Biology and nurture

Formed a perfect

Storm of doing and going.

“Idle hands make work

For the Devil.”

“Don’t waste a trip upstairs

Take the clothes and put them away.”

“You’re younger than I am.

Bring me the diaper






The first-born

Always wanting to please

To make things right

The first to raise her hand

The first in line

The first, first, first

I was programmed to be

In overdrive.

“I can’t believe how much you get done.”

“You have golden hands.”

“Are you volunteering for another thing?”

“How do you find time for all you do?”

But we have all stopped

Doing and going.

Covid-19 has seen to that

Sitting, staring, lounging, watching

Going nowhere

Doing nothing

Feels like a well-earned rest.



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