Dear Me,

I know you are hungry and eager to begin. You’ve wanted to start a business for years; it’s all that’s been on your mind. You are itching to jump- so JUMP!

BUT before you jump let me share with you a few things:

There is a world out there, a new world that you had no idea even existed. This world requires you to have amazing mental strength. But what is mental strength? What does it mean to be mentally strong?

You are going to fail and you will make so many mistakes, and they will be expensive mistakes. You must accept that this is part of the process. You must make these mistakes because they will allow you to become the person you must become. So please, please go easy on yourself. You are so ahead by already jumping and taking action.

You have to understand that as humans we program ourselves with our thoughts. Go work on your mindset and thoughts. You need to kill all self-doubt and negative thoughts. You must learn to program your mind with positive affirming thoughts.

Don’t ever compare yourself to others and their speed. Everyone is on a different journey, with a different mission. You will get to where you are meant to go, when you are meant to get there. Whatever is meant for you will not miss you – I promise!

Your family needs to know your mission; you have to share with them why you want to do this. Get their buy-in, enroll them into your vision. Share your why! Hone into your why! And share it with the world.

Learn meditation! I know you hate the idea of it but, trust me, you will love it after 30 days of daily practice. I know you can’t sit down for five minutes straight and you think you have ADD. But, please, you will thank me if you pick up any kind of meditation. Start with guided mediation five minutes a day. Your best thoughts will come to you during this practice. You will have so much inner peace, and you won’t be such a stress-ball who pushes people away.

Most important of all is FOCUS! Focus on one thing please. I know you don’t know how to say NO, but you must if you want to succeed. You will spread yourself thin but, if you can stop it quickly, stop! Do not try to please everyone. Every stream of revenue is its own business. I wish you could see that before trying to do them all. Pick one, focus on it, and once it has been automated and worked out, you can go to the next one.

Another important point is to talk to people and build relationships. Learn from others who have gone on this journey. ASK QUESTIONS AND ASK FOR THEIR LESSONS LEARNED! This will save you time and money. It will enlighten you and allow you to come up with better and stronger ideas.

I’m excited for you. You are going on the best journey in the world, only to realize that you will discover yourself in this. You will find your true purpose and mission through this. You may have an idea now but, trust me, it will deepen and change through this. So – GO, RUN, AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF THE GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY. I am so proud of you, proud that you actually went after something you’ve wanted so badly your whole life.

  1. Enough things in the world to be scared of………going thru this fear is powerful. I know because 30 years ago at 51 years of age I opened up a craft gallery . Crafts of glass ,wood, pottery and jewelry all signed pieces by American artists brought me joy ,satisfaction and more confidence than I’ve ever experienced before. JHSMEL

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