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It’s All About Dessert ….. Chocolate Mousse Recipe



Really, who do you know that doesn’t like dessert?  No matter how full we find ourselves, aren’t we all looking for that “sweet” taste to finish off our meal.  For me, it’s all about Dove Dark Promises.  I travel with them, I have a secret stash, which isn’t so secret anymore.  When I’m out with my friends, I always end our meal by giving them a bit of chocolate to hopefully brighten the rest of their day.  It soothes my soul, even if it’s only until it melts.  -Aunt Sharon ❤  


Sharon Shapiro has always shown her love through cooking and baking……below she shares her chocolate mousse recipe- easy, fun and delicious!!





2 pasteurized eggs,

1 cup scalded milk,

1 10 oz bag of Nestle semi sweet chips

2 oz Kahlua, 2 8 oz containers of cool whip


Put eggs and chips in blender, mix on low and add hot scalded milk. Blend until smooth and chips are melted. (If worried about eggs, pour into pan and over med/low heat cook 5 min whisking) pour into glass bowl and let cool. When cool fold in one container of cool whip. Pour into trifle dish or glass bowl and refrigerate. Before serving top with other container of cool whip and top with choc shavings.¿



  1. If you think her recipes are the only thing that is sweet about her think again. Not only does she volunteer her time at the Ronald McDonald House by cooking meals and assisting in every way possible but she also gives her time to neighbors that are elderly or sick by shopping for them, visiting with them and sharing her wonderful world famous friendship bread. If you are lucky to count her as a friend YOU ARE LUCKY…………I am one of the lucky ones. 🎶🎶🎶🎶JHSMEL

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