*A Note from the Daughter of the Author- I love you Mom.

  • This November 26th will be my 77th Thanksgiving. In the past, that day mostly consisted of a family gatherings, a full 10 hours of watching my mother cook while also observing my father, brother and then husband scream at the TV while cheering for their favorite football team. All this was happening while gorging themselves on salsa and chips, onion dip, hummus, and the ever so popular pigs in the blanket. They were thankful for the eats! Some of my memories go back even further. I remember in college anxiously awaiting that final class before vacation daydreaming about my 7 hour drive back to Philly in my roommates old beaten up MG. My mind was full of thoughts of my favorite home cooked meal , no dormitory curfew and plenty of freedom. Such simple things to be thankful for! As the years unfolded each holiday dinner brought more and more people to the table…….Let’s give thanks to that! I eventually learned to cook and prepare and serve my family a feast with pride, interestingly enough, because my mother never allowed me to assist her in HER kitchen……I was self taught…….with a little help from Betty Crocker, The Joy of Cooking and a minor in Home Economics…….I am thankful for all of that! Memories of turkey day changed over the years but like many other families our constant was sitting around the table and one by one reciting our personal lists of gratitude and thanks. What were some of our common responses? family, health, good grades, lasting friendships, losing enough weight before the holiday season to be able to enjoy eating through the holiday season, business success, having and loving a pet, a safe home to love and be loved, mistakes made and what we learned from them and the freedom to be alive.
    We never talked politics or religion at the table. Few secrets were shared over the “moist” or “sometimes dry” (depending on the year) turkey and scrumptious stuffing , but the abundance of respect felt by each member for each member was definitely something to be thankful for. Everyone grew up……did their own thing…….eventually married , had families of their own and became successful in their own way. Often I look around at my intimate circle of people and wish I could stop time just to repeatedly show and tell all of them how truly thankful I am. I am so grateful for my 3 beautiful daughters, my 3 incredible grandsons who at this point are 21, 17, and 10 1/2 and my husband of 33 years who still loves me with all my “mishagas”. WAIT! I forgot one of the most important things, I learned how to Face Time …………….. I am now “The FaceTime Queen” which has enabled me, especially during COVID 19 to connect with all the people I love whenever and however many times I so desire.
    So I want to wish you all a very special Thanksgiving Remember look deep into your heart……’ll find lots to be thankful for…….I promise you.
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  1. AS always beautifully said. Good reminders for this very different thanksgiving holiday, which i know will be beautifully displayed as well as yummy. Love you!

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