Top 8 Social-Distancing Summer Vacation Ideas: Planning a Memorable Trip in a New Normal


There is no denying a sweet summertime. As we ease out of the COVID-19 Quarantine, resorts, hotels and heavily-trafficked cities are putting their best efforts towards ensuring a safe and healthy experience for all.

Here is What I Know has rounded up your top-10 list for a socially-distanced summer vacation.

  1. National/State Parks.

Twenty-nine states across the U.S. are home to National Parks, offering plenty of space for safe social distancing. The adventure options are endless — from hiking trails to star gazing and fit for the whole family. Most parks offer online booking options for camping reservations.

  1. Ghost-towns.

Yep. You can’t distance much better than this. And ghost-towns are pretty fascinating too! Explore a town frozen in time, as there are several throughout the nation. Looking for a cheap thrill? Contact town officials for possible overnight reservations they may offer for abandoned buildings and old hotels.

  1. Non-Profit/Volunteer Trips.

If there is any summer that you should consider taking time out from to volunteer, it’s this one! While it may sound enticing to rush out of the house and go exploring, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many hospitals and non-profits around the world that could use a helping hand. Finding the right fit will take some research on your end but will certainly make your summer memorable — the season you chose to give.

  1. Road-Trips.

The good old summer tradition. If you’re not ready to hop on a plane, consider filling up your tank and hitting the road! Better yet, why not rent an RV, camper or luxury sports vehicle, and set out on a unique, diverse adventure. Road trips are not only perfect for social distancing, they also allow you the opportunity to explore a variety of landscapes and architectures that you may not have the chance to experience from a single-destination trip.

  1. Drive-thru Safari.

Contrary to what you may believe, drive-thru safaris DO exist, and they are scattered across the U.S. This is a wonderful option if you have young children, as it’s a cheap and safe way to have close encounters with wildlife. Texas is a top spot to choose if you’re looking to explore a few safaris.

  1. Kayaking/Canoeing & Other Boating Trips.

You don’t have to go far for this one either. Whether you have your own boat, or you would like to rent, this is a great way to stay cool and stay distanced under the sun. Better yet, you have the option to make this a weekend trip for the family by reserving a campsite and packing your suitcases ahead of time.

  1. Glamping.

If you’re not the biggest fan of using leaves for TP, a glamping trip may be a better fit for you this summer.

Glamping combines the best of luxe and adventure. It has gained massive traction in the past year — there’s even an online destination finder over on to help you pick the perfect spot. From tiny barns to massive treehouses, call your girlfriends up and get glamping.

  1. Staycation.

You don’t have to look far from home for a relaxing vacation. Pitch a tent in your backyard for the weekend, or give your city’s top 5-star hotels a call to take full advantage of all their luxury amenities for an evening or two. Bonus: plenty of hotels are currently offering large discounts in spite of the pandemic, so take advantage where you can!


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