5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight (and Why CBD Helps)


For many of us, losing weight is an endless battle. We skip dessert, we go for a hike in the foothills, we count calories and, yet, the carbs always find us. But it’s not all bad news; losing weight comes with a bright side too……and not just because low-fat ice cream is a thing.

It turns out, maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t need to mean rising at the crack of dawn to cheerily go for an eight-mile run (yes, we hate those people!). It doesn’t mean saying no to a slice of pizza so you can savor a slice of lettuce, either. Sometimes, losing weight just means doing what comes naturally!

If you’re hoping to shed some extra pounds, consider giving the following a go:

Sleep it off: Sleeping helps control weight a few ways. First of all, you can’t eat if you’re unconscious (unless you down some Ambien and sleepwalk on over to the local McDonald’s drive-thru). Second of all, sleep helps regulate metabolism and the hormones that control appetite. If you find yourself sleep-deprived, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself hungry too. So, there you have it: Sleep more, weigh less. The tagline writes itself.

Walk it off: Yes, it’s hard to lose weight if you’re not active but let’s reimagine our idea of what that entails. Some people are quick to tie weight loss to living at the local gym, spending an hour a day on the stair climber, or working with a muscle-bound trainer you secretly want to punch. If you’d like to up your odds of sticking to an exercise routine, opt for an activity that you won’t dread and switch things up to sidestep boredom. Even something as simple as walking burns fat and calories! Walking with friends is a good way to hold yourself accountable while gossiping about Sheila catching her husband watching Riverdale. Again.

Eat frequently during the day: Finally, some weight loss advice we can get behind! People who are grazers and eat several small meals each day rather than two or three large ones have an easier time losing weight. It’s believed this not only keeps the metabolism primed, but it also prevents hunger, decreasing the chance of overeating at dinnertime.

Drink water: Those who drink water tend to be thinner than those who don’t. Water is not only a calorie-free substitute to soda and juice, but it causes a sense of fullness as well. And the benefits don’t stop there! Water helps cleanse the body, it eliminates excess waste, and it maintains hydration, which prevents water-retention.

Try CBD: Whether or not CBD is truly “weight loss” material is yet to be seen. But research indicates that it does have potential in this arena because of its ability to reduce appetite, turn bad fat into good fat, and prevent metabolic disorders.

Worth mentioning, CBD is different from THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana. THC is what causes the munchies in cannabis users. CBD, on the other hand, is not synonymous with a bag of Cheetos.

In a world of SnapChat filters and stick-thin models, it’s hard to be comfortable in your own skin. But losing weight isn’t about looking how society tells you to look; it’s about health. Do it for yourself and not for anyone else.


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