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From Aunt Sharon’s Kitchen: Rich and Delicious


aunt sharon, woman smiling at cameraI had the privilege of knowing a wonderful woman named Aunt Sophia. She wasn’t my aunt, but I thought of her as my family. My forever friend, Joan, shared her with me and she enriched my life. I had this dessert at her house called “Rich and Delicious” that she made maybe 100 years ago. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but it seems like forever.

When she made it, she used Ritz crackers. But I have changed that to crushed pretzels. If you want Aunt Sophia’s authentic recipe, certainly use Ritz crackers. I know she would have liked it with the pretzels. We shared a love of food. And we both had a sweet tooth.


2 cups crushed pretzels (in food processor)
1 stick butter or margarine (melted)
Mix these together and press into a 9 by 13 Pyrex dish
1/2 gallon butter almond ice cream that has softened (where you can stir it)
1 1/2 cups milk (I use skim but you can use 1 or 2% or whole)
2 small boxes instant vanilla pudding
1 container cool whip

Mix together with electric mixer the milk, pudding, and ice cream. Pour over pretzel mixture. Refrigerate overnight. Before serving, top with cool whip and sprinkle some crushed pretzel over the cool whip.

After the first taste, you will see why the name applies.

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  1. This is just another way to honor Aunt Sophia. Not by blood but by the ❤️were you also her niece. We both love you.

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